The Top 3 Tips to Prepare for a Stress-Free Move

by Courtney - June 12, 2019

Let’s face it, the best part about moving is when it’s over. The moment when you’re decorating your new space and making new memories, that’s the fun stuff. Before that everything is a painful blur; packing, rummaging through all your things, dealing with movers, acting like you’re surprised that you have so much stuff – yep, product junkies we see you!  And the dollars, the dollars you’ll spend. Show us someone who likes moving, and we’ll show you a mad man/woman. Luckily for you, we have compiled the top 3 tips to help make moving easy and stress-free. Not to mention you’ll save lots of cash so you can spend it on what matters most – cute décor. Without further ado, let’s dig in.

Toss it out

The first thing you should consider doing when preparing to move is to go through all of your belongings and take inventory. Toss out the things that you don’t need or use. Do you really need that couch you’ve had since freshman year that’s barely standing on its final two and a half legs? All of it! Now before you freak out, tossing it out doesn’t necessarily mean to throw it away in the trash. You can donate some items to thrift stores or your favorite local organization, and support a cause near and dear to your heart. Hopes Closet of Santa Cruz is a great option. You could also give some things to your best friend, who’s been eyeing the boots you’ve had in your closet for the past 2 years and only worn once.

When moving, it is best to declutter so that you don’t bring any unnecessary items into your new space. It’s all about fresh starts, opportunities, and growth. Marie Kondo said it best – don’t get bogged down by things that don’t bring you joy. Keeping an inventory of what you have will ensure that you do not buy unnecessary things for your new space. It will help you get accurate quotes from moving companies, and give you peace of mind that all your belongings made it to your new place safely and in one piece. If something goes wrong or missing, however, you can jump on it quickly and file a claim. 

The best part? You’ll save money on moving cost because you won’t have a lot of stuff to move. You may have so few things that you decide to throw a moving party and get your best friend to borrow his dad’s truck and move you, instead of paying someone. With the dollars that you’ll save, you can buy new furniture and have it delivered to your new place – Amazon, Ikea, and Wayfair FTW!

DIY it up

Speaking of getting your friends to help you move, there are more DIY projects that you can take on during the moving process. First, you’ll need YouTube and Home Depot or any other home improvement store. Holes in the wall from your colorful artwork? No worries, grab some spackling paste, a putty knife, some sanding paper, and if you’re so inclined some paint. Some stores make it super easy for you by selling an entire kit. So, order some pizza, skip on the alcohol (because you’ll need all your senses), invite your buddies and HGTV that old apartment up. 

Hire a cleaner

Cleaning a home all at once can be overwhelming. And after all the packing and moving heavy furniture, you’re beat! The last thing you really have is the energy for a thorough clean. But, once you move out, your landlord will want to rent out that apartment or home as soon as possible, so you’ll need to deep clean the apartment before your final walkthrough inspection. If the cleanliness of your old space doesn’t meet the requirements specified in your lease, you risk losing your security deposit, or even worse, your credibility if you ever need to use your old landlord as a reference for a new rental.

What to do? Hire a house cleaning company, and they will leave your old place “full security deposit return” ready. Cleaning agencies like Surf City Maids Referral Agency provide move-out cleanings in Santa Cruz where we deep clean your apartment or home to help you reclaim your coins, time, and energy. Moving might not be the most fun thing in the world, but if you use our top 3 moving tips, you just might find it’s not as stressful as you thought. Happy moving!